Dave Brubeck

My first composition teacher, Anne Kish, used to tell stories about Dave Brubeck at her house during young composers weekends. She lived across the street from him when both of them were studying with Darius Milhaud. I don’t remember a lot of the stories but one has always stuck with

The Distinguished Jimi

Here’s my little buddy hanging out and being cute. Jimi has swagger.

Live Music in Columbus

What a great weekend for music in Columbus — on Thursday night, monster keyboard player and singer Lloyd Buchanan, who is the guest artist for the CSU Popular Music Ensemble this semester, appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman with The Heavy. You can watch the performance on YouTube.

Shawn Mullins in Columbus

Shawn Mullins played on the median here in Columbus last night, to the biggest audience I’ve ever seen out for a show. The whole celebration was dreamed up by Buddy Nelms, the owner of The Loft, who’s been in business for 20 years. Buddy deserves a lot of credit for

Lynn’s About to Get New Clothes

My new black pickguard from warmoth should be in on Monday! If you haven’t visited their site, please do. They are the premiere provider of guitar parts in the US, and the site is great. If the budget were bigger, I’d have a new neck for my ’68 JG hollowbody

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