Music Making

I’m Associate Professor of Audio Technology at Columbus State University‘s Schwob School of Music, and I’m currently occupying the Sam and Jacquie Rawls Distinguished Professorship of Music, which is a rotating endowed chair.

I play with Wolf & Clover, Cigarette Girl, and compose music for electronics and humans.

Audio Engineering

I’ve made a lot of albums with lots of cool people. I also tour with eighth blackbird as their front-of-house engineer, and do other music technology things with them on a regular basis, like the summer Blackbird Creative Lab.

I also help out with the audio systems at The Loft, a live music venue, restaurant, bar, and recording studio in Columbus, GA. Sometimes I do consulting with businesses like Uptown Life Group and Flournoy Development Group.

Software and Hardware

I like to code, though I’m not the best programmer in the world, and I like to do small projects with electronics to solve problems. Lately I’ve been working with AES67 and enhanced a Node.js program to send audio channels over a network.

I have some abilities to repair and build electronic devices. I enjoy learning about these things using Raspberry Pis, ESP32s, and other stuff.

Irish Language

I’ve been studying the Irish Language (An Ghaeilge) for 7 years and have spent several weeks exploring Ireland, its language, and taking classes with Oideas Gael, Fairfield University, and the great folks at Let’s Learn Irish.

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